'Yoga do it' - offers a unique yoga experience in a quiet peaceful and secure environment at our Bryanston Studio

Iyengar-Style Yoga

Iyengar Yoga focuses on making yoga accessible to everyone both male and female of all ages, by utilising a variety of props like blocks, straps and bolsters. Emphasis is placed on body alignment, detail of the asanas, sequencing of postures and timing, as well as the development of core strength.

Power Yoga Style

Power yoga is a more vigorous, fitness-based approach Vinyasa (flowing style, in which you move from one pose to another while focusing on the breath). Although it is modeled on the Asthanga method,  it does not follow a set sequence, and places emphasis on strength and flexibility.


Meditation classes are offered on Sundays every week. A programme of staged instruction is given whereby attendees gradually learn through guided practice. The benefits are many and well-established by research and scientific investigation. Improvements in mental health, emotional resilience, and sleep.

ON-line and IN-studio sessions are available.

(IN-studio by appointment only.)

Time For Yourself

Setting aside the time to de-stress, not only helps to regain poise, but is also a sound investment in health and well-being. ‘Yoga do it’ provides a sanctuary where this balance can be restored.


To ensure personal attention - student numbers are limited - in both on-line and in-studio sessions.

Active Yoga 



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