Rhé Wessels

Rhé has been practicing yoga for over sixteen years, is an accredited Iyengar Yoga teacher, and opened her Bryanston yoga studio in 2006. She has fine-tuned her teaching approach, to assist students in building not only more flexibility and strength, but also in releasing stress and obtaining inner peace and tranquility. She believes that yoga is not a quick fix, however wonderful results are gained by practicing these postures that seem deceptively simple yet are very powerful. Students not only look and feel better, but have increased energy, sleep better, and are more prepared for life’s challenges.

Rainer Wessels

Rainer has a background in Mechanical Engineering going hand in glove with his passion for learning, science, and health. Throughout his formative years he explored many eastern traditions, including Buddhism, Japanese culture, and, of course, Yoga. He began his practice in Iyengar at the age of 17 and quickly dropped all other martial arts in favour of mastering yoga. He continued his practice for his 11 year stint in Japan under various teachers and styles and received a qualification in Power Yoga in 2016. He is drawn to the ephemeral joy of moving and mastering the body. 


Meditation classes by Rainer, are offered on Sundays every week. A programme of staged instruction is given whereby attendees gradually learn through guided practice. The benefits are many and well-established by research and scientific investigation. Improvements in mental health, emotional resilience, and sleep. Meditation is well-established as a secular practice, that has roots in modern science. Despite the ancient history in many cultures, which may have associations with many beliefs, it is seen as a valid health practice suited to our fast-paced 21st century.


Yoga poses are renowned for providing superb all-round exercise of the muscular system, ensuring maximal mobility of joints, and embedding well-aligned posture habits.
Additionally the practice of asanas develops core strength, better breathing and oxygenation, and establishes more flexibility and balance.

B.K.S. Iyengar once said, "Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."



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