What is the difference between Iyengar and other yoga styles eg. Power Yoga?​ 


• Iyengar Yoga is a very precise form with emphasis on body alignment, timing (holding of postures) and use of props.

• Power Yoga is an energetic Vinyasa style which flows rhythmically from one posture into the next and promotes heat build up. Great emphasis is placed on the breath, and props are seldom used.


Would the Iyengar Yoga style work for me?
​The use of props make postures accessible to students who might otherwise not be able to participate, and provides support to assist in performing the asanas easily, safely and effectively. (At the Bryanston yoga studio - all props are supplied.) Attention to detail, and meticulous correction during sessions ensures thorough learning, practicing and consolidation of  the asanas.


The method of holding poses, not only builds strength and stamina, but also develops concentration. The combination of all of the above makes it possible for almost anyone to practice this form.


What should I wear to a yoga class? 


Wear comfortable clothes that do not bind at the waist or knees. Stretchy leggings (long or short) that hug the legs will assist the instructor's assessment of your progress in class, therefore avoid loose pants.


A stretchy T-shirt is suitable as a top - once again - avoid loose fitting tops that hide body position in the postures.


Do I need to bring any yoga equipment to class?
You require a yoga mat -  all additional props required for physically attending Iyengar are supplied at the Yoga Renew Wilton Studio. 

How long before class should I eat or drink? 

Do not eat a large meal less than 2 hours before, or drink liquids an hour before a class yoga. An empty stomach is most comfortable. Something small, light and nourishing that digests easily at least one hour prior to class is practical for most students.​


In Iyengar there is also no need to replenish liquids during a session, (as with hot yoga styles), as possible dehydration is not an issue.


What is General Yoga Etiquette? 




Please enter the Zoom meeting 'waiting room' at least 10 min before starting time - to allow for access to be given to all participants.
    • Before your first Online class please make an appointment with the instructor for a Zoom meeting - to 'Set Up' your computer and mat - so you are completely visible in a sitting lying or standing position.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before beginning of class, in order to park, sign in, use bathroom, set up for class etc. (Rushing in at the last minute is not conducive to a mindful yoga practice.)
    • If this is your first visit, please arrive 30 minutes ahead of class, in order to register, to discuss any physical issues with the instructor, and to acquaint yourself with the studio environment.
    • On arrival, please sign yourself in, and ensure your yoga fees are fully up to date (it's not yoga etiquette to enter a class you have not paid for).
    • When entering the studio, please leave your shoes outside the door. This is not only for hygienic reasons, (clean feet are of course imperative), but also to show respect for your yoga environment.
    • Please do not wear perfumes/colognes//deodorants to yoga, as these become overpowering as the body heats up. Simply arrive fresh and clean.



Please leave all negative energy outside. The atmosphere in the yoga studio should be one of tranquiity and peace.
    • Be conscious of and considerate to your fellow yogis in the session..
    • Once the class has begun, there will be no admittance into the yoga session. Entering late creates a disturbance to both the students and instructor. Alternately, do not leave prior to class conclusion, as this is also disruptive.
    • Cell phones should be turned off, and left outside the yoga room.
    • If you are menstruating, please let your teacher know before the beginning of the class.
    • If you are pregnant, please inform the instructor immediately
    • If you have special physical issues, please consult with the instructor before the class, and take care of yourself during class - listen to your body!




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