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Simply Smile

While enjoying lunch at a restaurant one day, I noticed a lovely girl at a nearby table. She was beautifully groomed, fashionably dressed, had long shining dark hair and a perfect complexion. I found myself drawn to look at her repeatedly, and wondered what was somehow different about her. Only when looking at her three female companions did it become patently obvious. While they were laughing and chatting merrily away, she remained expressionless. Her beauty was not only unanimated but also completely lifeless.


A smile is such simple and natural part of our body language that we often forget what an important role it plays in our communications. Inspired by my experience during lunch I decided to observe more closely how people used the power of their smile, and was quite stunned by my discovery.


Try the following and see how your day changes in a most unexpected way:
• You’re in a long queue in the super market.
Smile at the cashier and see her response. (Cashiers are obviously trained to be friendly, however customers often find it difficult to say a simple hello.)

There are beggars at every intersection.
Smile while giving your loose change to the next one, (you never know his/her plight).

The traffic light is out of order again!
Smile at your fellow drivers, or even better, smile at the taxi driver trying to overtake you! (Wow, imagine how that could reduce road rage!)

•  There’s no parking when fetching your child from school.
Smile when you finally see that precious face.

Your husband’s late for supper, and your aldenté veggies are now over cooked. (Ooooooh this is a hard one……smile.)

It’s blue Monday, and your boss is in no mood!
Smile, and make him a cuppa just the way he likes it.


There are a million more examples. ‘Fake it’ if you don’t really feel like smiling. Even a fake smile has a positive effect. In addition, smiling uses less facial muscles than frowning, and has also proven to increase endorphin release in your system. This will not only lift your mood, but also increase your immune efficiency.


If you’re finding it hard to see the lighter side of life, you may be over-worked or stressed. Exercise helps to reduce stress, while Yoga (which incorporates re-alignment of the body, stretching and relaxation) is recognised as one of the most effective methods to de-stress. Join a yoga group, combine a workout with relaxation and watch the slow but sure turn around in your life. As your ability to deal with daily concerns improves, remember how easily a situation can be de-fused by…….a simple smile.




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