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It may seem like the easiest thing in the world to do, but do you actually know how to relax? Stress is still considered to be the biggest cause of illness, and is not necessary limited to having a stressful high-powered corporate position. We are all affected by different situations, and these can include:



a child from whom parents expect too much

a teenager trying to compete with his/her peers

a sibling who can’t keep up with his/her older brothers/sisters

a mother who simply can’t do enough for her children

a husband who can’t deal with responsibilities of work and family

an employee who can’t seem to please the boss

and the list goes on……..

So where do you fit, or is your life relatively stress free? If not, here are some solutions to making life a little easier:


LEARN TO TAKE SMALL BREAKS. Not everyone can go on holiday when the going gets tough. However, prevention is better than cure, so make every small opportunity count. If you can’t leave the office during a break, then simply close your door, and take time out while you have your lunch in peace. 


CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT. ‘A change is as good as a holiday’, and it works! It can range from a weekend away, to (if you work from home) simply popping out for a quick cappuccino with a friend.


A DAY OF REST. Make at least one day over the weekend ‘a day of rest’. Stay put, slop around in your slippers, let your hair down, put your favourite music on, and allow your phone’s mailbox to fill up!


DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. There’s little room for stress when you’re smiling and laughing. Find the things you enjoy doing like playing with your children, walking the dog or reading a good light-hearted book.


COUNT TO TEN. Refrain from anger, at home, at work and especially when you’re driving. Try smiling, and enjoy the surprised look on your fellow driver’s faces!


RELAXATION TECHNIQUES. Going to a spa is of course the ultimate way to unwind, but there are many other simple and cost effective possibilities. Try a hot bath surrounded by scented candles, or get your partner to give you a massage, or learn how to meditate. Joining a yoga class can greatly assist in learning how to simply ‘let go’. In addition you will learn how to breathe properly. Linking the breath with movement helps to keep the mind in the present moment, away from worries and concerns of the past and future. The relaxation session at the end of a class will leave you at peace with the world.

Try to apply as many of the above as possible, and expect to see a healthier, happier……and calmer NEW YOU!





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