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Do you think you’re quite active, but actually fall under the category of people who say: ‘I run around the block every day, and then kick the block back under the bed!’ If so, then read on.


Regular exercise together with a healthy diet is vital in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If however you simply can’t find the time to exercise daily then try increasing your activity levels, posture and flexibility as follows:





Park your car at the far end of the parking lot and walk the extra distance to the mall entrance

Whenever possible choose walking over driving, or using lifts and escalators



While waiting in a queue practice good posture by taking your shoulder tips back, shoulder blades down and lifting the spine.

While cooking, improve your balance by balancing your weight on one foot, and then the other. (Ensure you are wearing comfortable shoes. High heels push the body alignment forward while the latest narrow points force the toes together possibly causing future podiatry problems.)

Lying down:

Stretch your hamstrings while sitting in a warm bath, by bending the torso forward, and reaching for your toes. Remember to keep the back straight, and to look forward. After your bath continue the stretch while drying your hair by bending forward with your head upside down. (It will give your hairstyle a lift as well!)



Sit up straight at the dinner or conference table, keeping your back away from the chair’s backrest.

Ensure you have a proper chair at the computer. Correct ergonomics will promote good posture and alleviate head, neck and backache.

In addition to the above take a new approach to exercise. Perhaps you have just not found the right type of exercise. Not all forms of exercise take big chunks out of your day or pocket. A combination of two forms can give good results, for example a simple walk around your neighbourhood coupled with the stress-relieving component of yoga. In the current economic environment yoga is a great aid to remaining calm, regaining composure, increasing flexibility, building strength and enhancing body-mind integration.





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